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Momma Flocker Sponsor teeswater x Cotswold x finn tons of curls ewe Mrs.Twillyl

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About ******* twilly is a curlies girl! If you want curls,Dinky has it.I trim her tail all year! Twilly  missed tail docking because I was afraid to hurt her.

I have learned! Now very does them.

She is a mid size ewe.I do run purebred and crosses.

My Wensyledale registered flock is building up as well as Teeswater and Cotswold and leicester .Not to forget my beloved lincoln's,and finnsheep.

You can sponsor for six months one shear or a year.

I do shear most two times due to heat issues.

Become A Momma Flocker at Tenney's

Sponsor a sheep to follow along on their sheep journey over the next 6 months. You'll get behind the scenes access at Tenney's Fiber Farm as a Momma Flocker!

Momma Flockers can expect:

  • Updates on your sponsored sheep of choice every 2 weeks
  • Your sheep's fleece for FREE (includes free USA or CAN shipping)
  • Flocker-only GIFTS (mailed to your door)
  • A one-time use coupon good for 20% off any future purchase of $50+

Other things to know. Sponsorship starts January 1st. Sponsorship is a ONE-TIME fee for the entire 6 month Flocker experience and INCLUDES your sponsored sheep's fleece. No extra fees. Every shipping is included!